Shopstar vs | Why shopstar is the Cost-Effective Alternative for Influencer Marketing and UGC on Shopify


In the realm of eCommerce, businesses constantly seek efficient and budget-friendly solutions to leverage influencer marketing and user-generated content (UGC). While has been popular for eCommerce videos, there is a superior option available: shopstar. In this article, we’ll explore the key differences and highlight why shopstar stands out as the optimal choice for businesses.

Understanding is a digital platform connecting businesses with content creators who produce videos for marketing campaigns on social media. The process involves creating tasks, selecting creators, providing product details, and receiving video content for publishing (read more).

Introducing shopstar:

shopstar takes a unique approach to incentivize customers and facilitate UGC creation. Instead of businesses paying for influencer products and shipping, shopstar offers customers personalized upfront discounts (watch video). This approach not only saves money but also encourages customers to make purchases, create content, and share on social media.

Key Advantages of shopstar generating 20 UGC a month:

1. Cost Savings: shopstar eliminates the substantial cost burden associated with While incurs an average cost of $4,800, shopstar offers a remarkable cost advantage by providing upfront personalized discounts to customers, reducing expenses for businesses.
2. Guaranteed Profit from Influencers Collabs: shopstar allows businesses to generate direct profits from influencers buying products to post on, with an average profit of $1,500 (assuming $60 AOV). In contrast, does not offer this profit-generating opportunity.
3. Higher Posts Impressions Value: With shopstar, businesses benefit from a high posts impressions value, amounting to an average of $2,781 (based on $7.19 Facebook CPM). does not provide any value in this aspect since the influencers don’t post the video on their social media.
4. Influencers Type: shopstar leverages customers as influencers, while relies on actors. By utilizing real customers as influencers, businesses can establish more authentic and relatable connections with their target audience.
5. Efficient Management: shopstar requires zero hours for finding, managing, and paying content creators, saving valuable time for businesses. In contrast, demands 20 hours for these tasks.


shopstar offers a cost-effective alternative to, enabling businesses to harness the power of UGC without significant expenses. With higher ROI, direct profit from UGC, and real customers as influencers, shopstar emerges as the superior choice for eCommerce success. Make the switch to shopstar today and unlock the full potential of user-generated content for your brand.

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