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Frequently Asked

Each shopstar discount is tailored specifically to the influencer based on their shopstar score and your store limits. Previously delivered campaigns strongly influence this score and new accounts or accounts with a low shopstar score will only qualify for low discount values.
If an influencer doesn’t post, or posts content you’re not happy with you can ban that account from accepting future brand deals through your dashboard. This will also have a damaging effect on their shopstar score which may prevent them from claiming brand deals with other stores.

shopstar’s unique AI powered algorithm generates a score for each created based on a number of variables including the size and engagement of their social profile audience and their previous brand deals..
This score, along with your own self-defined store limits determine the discounts available to influencers.

Your shopstar dashboard provides an overview of every piece of content posted along with details of the influencer. If you have an issue with what they have shared you can ban that user to prevent them accepting future brand deals.

Initially shopstar only supports Shopify e-commerce websites. The team are investigating adding additional platforms in the near future.

shopstar currently supports video posts via TikTok and Instagram. More platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Snap and Twitter will be added during 2023

Yes, you can send your existing influencers to your Shopstar unique link and we will manage them for you. We will activate them occasionally with a personalized discount to buy and post your products, helping you to grow your brand’s presence and reach on social media. This way, you can focus on other aspects of your business while we handle the influencer management for you.

Absolutely, shopstar does not need to be linked to your store’s own TikTok or Instagram account. However, each creator is prompted to tag and engage with the brand so it might be a good time to start your own account and join the conversation.

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